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Bachelor Lions  Mitchel as: Zane Daniels  Status: Production  Release Date: 2017 IMDb
Sins of our Youth  Mitchel as: Scott  Release Date: December 2016 IMDb
CHARACTERz  Mitchel as: Tucker Ostrowski  Release Date: July 2016 IMDb
Milo Murphy's law  Mitchel as: Wally  Release Date: 2016 IMDb
The Sand  Mitchel as: Mitch  Release Date: Agoust 2015 IMDb
She Will Be Free  Mitchel as: Eric  Release Date: September 2013 IMDb
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Mitchel at the Black Cat Tour in Austin Texas

It’s a new year which brings us a new Metro Station Tour with Never Shout Never around the USA. The Kick Off was January 13th in Dallas Texas. While Mitchel didn’t show up to the Dallas show he made it to the Concert yesterday in Austin, Texas with girlfirend Haley and her Sister Alyssa, showing support for his Brothers Band. Metro Station will be on The Black Cat tour this winter till the End of February. You can buy tickets on

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Meet Mitchel’s Girlfriend Haley Rome

I waited a while to post this because i’m always careful when it comes to personal information but since they have both been super open about it and Mitchel announced he loves to show off his girlfriend i figured i might as well help him.

So here we go : Mitchel is dating Haley Rome, a student from Stephen F. Austin State University. He recently joined Haley’s Family at the Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado for a New Years Celebration after spending Christmas Eve with them. Right now they are trying to get some alone time in Texas doing fun things like golfing, working out, eating dinner, doing Yoga or visiting a zoo.

She seems like a fun, nice and normal girl so if you want to follow her on Social Media, go ahead. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

They look really happy and absolutly adorable together. Good Luck Mitchel and Haley!


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Christmas (2)
Merry Christmas!!!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and  want to say thank you to all the fans, friends and Mitchel himself for the nice and friendly support over the year. Hope you can all enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and may it be filled with happiness and joy!



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CHARACTERz: a charming independent film

Even though Mitchel’s Movie ‘CHARACTERz’ is not out yet a few lucky folks were able to attend a private screening of the film for Theme Park Industry Veterans on November 19th. Most of it is still top secret but people seem to enjoy it a lot.

a charming independent film about the ups and downs of being trapped in a fur suit while working in a theme park. […]
Orlando locals will recognize filming locations like Old Town and Gatorland, as well as many talented actors who work in and around the theme parks in Characterz. I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but I have been sworn to secrecy until the movie makes the rounds of film festivals […] –JOSH YOUNG

I got to see a “private screening” of this finished feature film. I loved it! Anyone that has ever worked in the amusement industry will absolutely relate and everyone else will be thoroughly amused. Congratulations to Renaisance Entertainment and the whole team involved in this film. Good Luck on the film festival circuit. See these “Characterz” whenever this film gets to your area. -Robbi Lepre

Follow CHARACTERz on Facebook and Twitter for all kinds of fury fun.

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NEW CHARACTERz Clip: ‘Red Tide’

Looks like Jon and Lisa have mercy with us and want to make the wait for Mitchel’s latest Movie ‘CHARACTERz’ as pleasing as possible. New Pictures, Tweets and a Movie Clip have been shared on the @Characterzmovie Twitter in the last couple days! Check it out and enjoy this fun furry new clip.

A one minute clip from the comedy feature film CHARACTERz starring Mitchel Musso. Tucker encounters a character’s worst nightmare – unsupervised, over-excited kids! The “Red Tide” is a wild group of day campers in red t-shirts visiting Old Time Fun Town (a park way too small to afford an escort for their mascot!)


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The Hollywood News: Ultimate Halloween Movie Marathon guide

Have you been asking yourself what to watch on the big day tomorrow?

Well let us help… has compiled a handy guide to the ideal Halloween horror marathon and guess what….. not one but two of Mitchel’s Movies made the list and they couldn’t be more different. Great Choices!

Contemporary – Monster House

If you’d rather start your day off with a darker edge then Monster House is the film  for you. It’s aimed at kids but has some genuine scares and an uneasy sense of foreboding. No easy feat for any film, let alone an animated movie. Featuring the vocal talent of Steve Buscemi, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jason Lee and Kathleen Turner, the film almost bagged itself an Oscar, again an impressive accolade for a horror, but even more so given its pixelated roots. –

Three teens discover that their neighbor’s house is really a living, breathing, scary monster.

Contemporary – The Sand

Now for something completely different, The Sand. There are a few common threads between The Thing and The Sand and we don’t just mean the use of the word ‘the’ in their titles. Both feature an alien life form landing on Earth and causing all manner of maiming and mayhem. When picking between the two movies you really only need to ask yourself whether you want sunshine and sand, or darkness and snow. If your choice is sand then I think it’s pretty clear which option you should pick (there’s a hint in the title). The Sand follows a group of party goers who wake up to find that the ground underneath their feet suddenly has an appetite for long-pig. In case you need anymore encouragement to watch The Sand the writer Alex Greenfield promises a ‘scares for your sweetie to leap into your arms or for you to leap into theirs.’-

After an all-night graduation beach party, a group of hung-over twenty-somethings awake to a beating sun, and a seemingly carnivorous beach that devours anything with a heartbeat that touches the sand.

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Mitchel: THE SAND is out on ITunes!!

Want to do Mitchel a favor? Get his newest Movie ‘The Sand’ on Itunes or Amazon and tell him what you think afterwards (@kidmitchel), maybe  even write a little review.

Remember you can still enter the Giveaway on The Sand Website to win a DVD signed by cast and crew! Winners will be announced on October 31st, but make sure to read the rules before entering.

Mitchel on Instagam:”OH SHOOOT GIRL! THE SAND is out on ITunes!! Get it, Watch it, and tell us what you think! @brookieserene @geyer_dean @missnikkileigh @cynthiamurell @meagan.holder @thecleoshow @hecdavidjr directed by @sleezyeyes #horror #movie #killer #thesand LOVETHESEPEOPLE??

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The Sand Movie : Passable evening’s entertainment

Pssst. The Sand Movie is out on multiple platforms. Go watch it, because flesh-eating monsters need love too…… or because of reasons mentioned below by more critics…either way go check it out!

The Sand : Passable evening’s entertainment

[…] once things progress it becomes clear that director Isaac Gabaeff and writers Alex Greenfield and Ben Powell are less interested in presenting a horrific critique on Spring Break culture than exploring a classic monster movie survivalist set-up. The results, while far from earth-shattering, are for the most part reasonably entertaining […]

[…] all things considered The Sand is a perfectly passable evening’s entertainment. It’s got some good gore, a cool monster, and lots of pretty people sitting around in swimwear, so you can’t really go too far wrong. Whether you’ll remember anything about it two days later or ever have any desire to revisit it is another matter.

-written by Ben via Brutal as Hell

The Sand : may just be one of those hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

[…] From the get-go The Sand does a lot right. It limits the number of people in the cast, restricts the location and creates a creature that is shielded in mystery. .[…]

[…] The Sand is a movie that knows exactly what it is, and that is a b-movie. If you are looking for a fun monster movie with an actual interesting creature, then this one is for you.[…]

– written by Paul Metcalf via Pissed of Geek

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the sand
The Sand – Frightfest Presents Website


UK distributor Icon Film Distribution and UK horror festival FrightFest have revealed the NEW Website for Frightfest Presents which will bring Frightfest titles to users on digital platforms nationally.

Frightfest Presents launches on October 19th with 6 key titles from the UK’s biggest horror film festival including ‘The Sand’. Check out for Trailers, Information and more. Alan Jones and Paul Mc Evoy sat down to discuss all six film choosen. Below you can watch the Intro/Discussion for ‘The Sand’ as well as the epic Frightfest Presents Trailer.

The Sand – Frightfest Presents Intro

Frightfest Presents – Official Trailer (2015)

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Interview: Mitchel Talks ‘The Sand’ and more

Listen to a brand new Interview with Mitchel about his movie ‘The Sand’ coming out October 13th and more projects with @neontommy here! You can also read some highlights below!


On the Sand

It’s a Horror but it’s also a Comedy. I’m a big fan of horror but i also enjoy the comedy of course it’s a huge part of my carrer. i kinda started my career with a horror movie..i did Monster House a long long time ago and that was a huge movie with this huge budget and actors and incredible director Gil Kenan  […] This one was a little bit different i guess […] this was just on the beach. […] we don’t move, we don’t really move […] trying to avoid the one thing that’s surrounding us. […] We had a cool Cast […] and not just the cast but the crew too. We all got to know each other very well cause we didn’t really move anywhere [laughs].

On upcoming acting projects

Sins of our Youth […] we are not out yet we had a premiere. It’s a super dark movie about four boys, who accidentally kill a kid […] and we have to figure out what we are gonna do and how we are gonna get away. it’s a very dramatic film and there is a lot of crying and screaming and yelling […] it’s a dark movie. […]

On Music

I have been shooting music videos […] just did a music video […] called dead man walking and than i have another music video that i’m going to Las Vegas to shoot with a bunch of my friends […]

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