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Bachelor Lions  Mitchel as: Zane Daniels  Status: Production  Release Date: 2017 IMDb
Sins of our Youth  Mitchel as: Scott  Release Date: December 2016 IMDb
CHARACTERz  Mitchel as: Tucker Ostrowski  Release Date: July 2016 IMDb
Milo Murphy's law  Mitchel as: Wally  Release Date: 2016 IMDb
The Sand  Mitchel as: Mitch  Release Date: Agoust 2015 IMDb
She Will Be Free  Mitchel as: Eric  Release Date: September 2013 IMDb
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First official Cast Picture from ‘Sins of our Youth’

We can finally share the first Official Cast Photo from Mitchel’s new Movie ‘Sins of our Youth’ . Pretty good looking Cast, if you ask me.

first official photo sins of our youth


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‘Sins of our Youth’ on IMDb

The Teen Drama ‘Sins of our Youth’ has been added to IMDb (Twitter @IMDb) and includes all Cast Information. Isn’t it a great feeling to see our Boy Mitchel on the List?

imdb sins of our youth


To see the full Information click here.




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Instagram Update: Free Day

Mitchel and Bridger hung out yesterday enjoying their free day before geting back to work today to shoot day 12 of 21 which also includes a Photoshoot .

Mitchel posted two pictures to his instgram adding the captions:

Day off with my boy #boss #bossy #sins and Thank you lord for this day

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Lucas Till’s Birthday

Mitchel stopped by this past week to celebrate Lucas Till’s bday at Body English LV a Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas!

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Movie Mention in Las Vegas Entertainment Column

Here is a great new Article mentioning ‘Sins of our Youth’  in the Las Vegas Review- Journal.

Entertainment reporter and reality show star Alicia Jacobs has a speaking role in her first film, “Sins of Our Youth,” which started a four-week shoot here on Monday. The cast includes Joel Courtney, who starred in J.J. Abrams’ “Super 8,” Lucas Till of “X-Men: First Class,” Mitchel Musso of “Hannah Montana” and Ally Sheedy. Several Las Vegas extras have been hired for a month of shooting. Filming has taken place near the M Resort, the First Good Shepherd Church and the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix.


Source :

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Press Release

A lot of News Pages are now officially talking about the Movie and we have decided to share the Article of Cinema Blend as it has the best information.

Below you will find the important Part, but if you want to read more about Lucas Till and Joel Courtney follow this link


Gun control is a hot button issue in this country, and it’ll probably be that way for the next hundred years without a clear resolution. And while I’m glad Hollywood has for the most part been keeping a wide berth around films that center on school shootings, the upcoming teen drama Sins of Our Youth is bound to get people uncomfortable in one way or another. Deadline reports it already has a full cast, including Lucas Till (X-Men: First Class), Joel Courtney (Super 8), and former Brat Packer Ally Sheedy, and will begin filming soon. So we’ll know sooner rather than later just what kind of reaction the film will get. 

Sins of Our Youth will be directed by Gary Entin, based on a screenplay written by his twin brother Edmund Entin. (The duo worked on this year’s comedy Geography Club.) It is being produced by former Republican House Rep-turned-film producer Michael Huffington through his Huffington Pictures. Beyond the previously mentioned stars, the cast will also include Mitchell Musso (Hannah Montana), Grant Harvey (The Neighbors), Bridger Zadina (Terri), as well as former X-Factor contestant Dani Knights . 

While the actual roles haven’t been disclosed, the film will revolve around four teenage boys who change their lives for the worse when they accidentally kill another young boy while off shooting assault rifles. If they just went to the police and confessed their crimes, this wouldn’t be a very interesting movie, so of course they resort to different tactics. Fearful that they’ll spend the rest of their lives in prison, or worse, the boys attempt to hide their crime, which only leads to more dangerous situations. 

This isn’t exactly the most original plot, as most murders in movies see some form of cover-up. But it’s actually a similar storyline to two of my all-time favorite films (because I’m a mental masochist that way): David Gordon Green’s George Washington from 2000, and Jacob Aaron Estes’ 2004 drama Mean Creek, both of which contained the highly depressing aftereffects of a child’s death. But by adding guns to the equation, Sins of Our Youth hopefully won’t reflect the times too heavily. 


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Mitchel can dance…kinda

Mitchel’s friend posted this funny Vine Video along with the Caption: “Mitchel can dance…kinda”



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Congratulations from Caldwell

Andrew Caldwell, a former Co-star and good friend of Mitchel, took the time to send congratulations to Mitchel and the Cast of ‘Sins of our Youth’

movie tweet 10

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More Cast/Crew Members revealed

We can officially add three more People to the Cast of ‘Sins of our Youth’.

Welcome Leon Thomas III, Tony Pernatozzi , Alicia Jacobs, Writer  Edmund Entin  and Director Gary Entin to the Cast/Crew!

movie tweet 8


movie tweet 9


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Cast Information – Sins of our Youth

We finally have some cast Information to share for ‘Sins of our Youth’.
Mitchel will be joined by

Joel Courtney 

Lucas Till

Zadina Bridger

Rodney Roldan

Cesar Lazcano

and Cbesse.

Frederick Levy is one of the Producer of the Film.
As soon as we get more confirmed Cast Members you can be sure to find the News here.

movie tweet 2

movie tweet 3

movie tweet 4

movie tweet 6

movie tweet 7

movie tweet

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