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Bachelor Lions  Mitchel as: Zane Daniels  Status: Production  Release Date: 2017 IMDb
Sins of our Youth  Mitchel as: Scott  Release Date: December 2016 IMDb
CHARACTERz  Mitchel as: Tucker Ostrowski  Release Date: July 2016 IMDb
Milo Murphy's law  Mitchel as: Wally  Release Date: 2016 IMDb
The Sand  Mitchel as: Mitch  Release Date: Agoust 2015 IMDb
She Will Be Free  Mitchel as: Eric  Release Date: September 2013 IMDb
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screenshot mussolive
Mussolive: Bald Caps & A Cool Crew! Vlog

Check out this funny new Mussolive vlog recorded in January with the Cast and Crew of Characterz! Thanks to Marc for sharing this awesome video!

Watch as Marc gets a bald cap put on, Scott dodges water like a bad ass, and The Bros dance at city walk with some sexy chickadees!

Check Out The Movie We’re Making:

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Thanks For Watching!

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Podcast: Mitchel On Dawson

Mitchel was invited to join a Podcast by Shane Dawson yesterday and he AGREED. If you don’t know Shane here’s a little breakdown for you:

Shane Dawson is a young actor from California who started out making videos on YouTube for hobby and eventually became one of the biggest stars of the popular video website. Today his channel is one of the most viewed and subscribed keeping a potential for a continued growth that still remains intact. His main videos, small sketches and parodies of popular songs, are seen by millions of people and the most recurrent characters of his works – Shane (himself), Aunt Hilda, S-Deezy, Shananay, Ned, Mom and Paris Hilton – have already become true icons of “fame” thanks to videos like “Fred is Dead!”, “Twilight New Moon: Blood Hungry” or “Bad (Bro)mance!

Make sure to check him out on Youtube!
mitchondawson ¬† We can’t wait to hear more about this soon as Marc already promised a Vlog on Mussolive on it. For now let’s show our excitement about this team up on Twitter using the hashtag #.

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the sand trailer 2
The Sand: Official Trailer!

Everyone the Trailer for ‘The Sand’ Movie is here but only till Feb 10, 2015 at 12 noon PST. So get on your Phone/Computer and watch before it’s too late! Password is¬†SandSR15.
The Sand Trailer (Bloody Version) from Plain Charlie on Vimeo.

“Somebody wanna tell me what just happened”

“Drive the Car over here and just get out of here.”

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cover no second chances
No Second Chances (feat Anna Maria Perez De Tagle) Single

#TeamMusso Turn your Speakers up because we can finally listen to a new Song by Mitchel. Check out No Secound Chances (feat Anna Maria Perez De Tagle) on Itunes.


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filming characterz 75
Characterz: New Website Update

Now that filming officially wrapped recently¬†the ‘Characterz’ Website has been updated with even more¬†pictures and Cast information (the role names now appear as well). Make sure to check it out!

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filming characterz 69
Characterz: More Photos from Set

Some of you may know that i wasn’t able to get online this weekend due to a trip with friends but now that i’m back i have lots of Photos from the Set of Characterz and¬†the Wrap Party at Universal. Credit goes to Amy Smith and ¬† Check it out below! Just a quick reminder: Characterz wrapped filming already!

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filming characterz 53
Characterz: Mitchel wraps filming

Congrats to our boy Mitchel for his wrap on Characterz! ()

wrap characterz


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on set 21
The Sand : Official Poster revealed

A few days ago you guys were asked which Poster you would prefer for ‘The Sand Movie’ and now we can finally tell you which one made it: NONE! The official Poster is in Fact a combination of Poster Choice #2 and #3 with a new tagline. Check it out below.

the sand poster


poster 4


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TBT: Big Dismal – Remember (I.O.U.)

In Honor of Throwback Thursday we are going all the way back to 2003 today to Mitchel’s first appearance in a Music Video. Twelve years ago Mitchel was picked to play the (young) main role in the Big Dismal Video for ‘Remember (I.O.U.). Big Dismal was a Florida based post-grunge Christian Rock band with three No. 1 hits including ‘Remember (I.O.U.) Enjoy!

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Poster 3
The Sand : Poster Voting

The Crew of Mitchel’s latest Horror Movie ‘The Sand’ wants to know your Opinion on different Poster Versions. Which Poster do you prefer? Remember your Vote counts and might just decide, which one will be made so go over to Twitter and let them know by tweeting @TheSandMovie.

“Posters sell movies. Vote for your favorite poster

#1 Poster 1Poster 2Poster 3


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