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Bachelor Lions  Mitchel as: Zane Daniels  Status: Production  Release Date: 2017 IMDb
Sins of our Youth  Mitchel as: Scott  Release Date: December 2016 IMDb
CHARACTERz  Mitchel as: Tucker Ostrowski  Release Date: July 2016 IMDb
Milo Murphy's law  Mitchel as: Wally  Release Date: 2016 IMDb
The Sand  Mitchel as: Mitch  Release Date: Agoust 2015 IMDb
She Will Be Free  Mitchel as: Eric  Release Date: September 2013 IMDb
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TV Confidential Interview about ‘Characterz’

Mitchel recently called into  Radio to talk about ‘Characterz’ and his work behind the camera! You can listen to it by clicking here.

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New CHARACTERz Interviews!

CHARACTERz just came out this week and the Interviews keep coming in! Check out the latest scoop from Starry Magazine (Q&A with Mitchel) and Animation Scoop (Interview with Jon, Director and Writer of Characterz) below.

Mitchel Musso – Characterz – Starry Magazine

What made you want to be a part of the movie Characterz?

A) It just sounded fun! We worked in an amusement park and they were very open to my ideas. I was able to hire my little brother [Marc] and work in Florida for a month. I think that’s what kind of sold me.

Q) Was there anything you added to the role that wasn’t scripted for you?

A) Tucker is kind of this creative, artsy kid. All he really wants to do is developamusement parks and rides. That’s what he is really into. The character was pretty well rounded from the get-go. There wasn’t really much I had to add. Who doesn’t have a passion for rides and rollercoasters? Not just the rollercoaster, but the showmanship of the ride takes you away from everything for that minute or minute and a half. It’s really a summer fun flick and it was a lot of fun to shoot with a lot of fun people. I think some of the best movies are like that, especially when you are working with good people, friends and family that you have known forever. A lot of good moments come out of that with our relationship and our chemistry.

Q) What was it like having to wear the costume all day?

A) It was SO hot! It was like deathly hot. Florida is one of the hottest places in the US and during the summer…it was just so hot.

Q) What were some of your favorite moments from filming?

A) I think just being able to go through the amusement park and ride on rides in our off time. I spent time with the cast. Everyone was really nice and every night we would go into our hotel rooms and learn our script with each other. That’s always good to buildchemistry with our cast and build relationships. I liked getting one-on-one time with them to see how they feel about the scene and what their thoughts are. It’s not just about what I’m thinking because everybody has great ideas. It was just spending time with everybody.

Q) Why do you think it is about Characterz that will make people want to check it out?

A) I really don’t know. Why does anybody watch anything? If it looks good to them, they are bored or have nothing else to do…In all honesty, I saw the film and I liked it. It’s fun and there are a lot of genuine moments in it. I think it is all about the characters and the people involved in the movie that makes people want to see a movie and for a good story. If you’re into family fun flicks, amusement parks, love interests and goofy friendships then you can definitely find that in Characterz.

for the full Interview click here!

Director Jon Binkowski on his animation-inspired indie-feature “CharacterZ”

Our animator was Jeffrey James, who had worked at Disney and Bluth,” […] “He helped develop the look of the characters. I told him we needed animation that looked like a kid did it, and he helped me out, along with Huhu Studios in New Zealand and Shanghai.”

“Everything was digital coming back and forth. We would shoot the plates, send those to them and they would animate over the plates. They would send those back in a rough form so we would see how it would layer on to the plates. If I had to, I would doodle on something to show what I was looking for. Jeffrey and [producer] David Townsend were very instrumental. There was only one that didn’t make it into the final cut, just because of editing, no other reason.

“We wanted the animation to that would make the kid’s talent show through, but a little amateurish because he didn’t have the tools yet. We wanted him to be a young Lasseter. He has animation chops and wants to get into the theme park industry. He wants to go to CalArts.

“They went with 12 frames a second, but it didn’t match the 24 frames when we moved the camera around, so they had to switch it to compensate. They were very accommodating in that regard, because I told them one thing, and then said “It’s not matching!” and they worked it out great.”

Surprisingly, animation did not command the lion’s share of the film’s modest budget. “The biggest, most expensive part of the budget, by far, was feeding everyone,” Jon laughs. “You get all these people to do all these things for free–or not for very much, but we did provide food. We had a lot of extras. And man, that adds up really fast. We always underestimated our food budget. We negotiated at the restaurants at Old Town so each catered on a different day. They made money, we got everyone fed, and it worked out well.”

for the full Interview click here!

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CHARACTERz Interviews and Itunes Link

Mitchel’s Comedy movie, CHARACTERz comes out today and multiple magazines jump into the furry fun with exclusive Interviews and short clips. You can also find the link to Mitchel’s Radio Interview with ‘Behind the Lens’ on Monday on Moviesharkdeblore right now, in case you missed it. Buy ‘Characterz’ on Itunes and help support this epic Indiefilm.



Yeah, I do a lot of physical comedy, ever since I was little. It’s always been throwing myself off the beach railing in front of Rico’s shack [in Hannah Montana] to getting in that chicken costume inHatching Pete, flying across the gymnasium, you know, ‘Mitchel, throw yourself over here and it’ll be funny!’ So, I’m used to it, of course I love it,

No, I never thought I’d be back in costume like that, no, I did not,” Mitchel told M. “The movie presented itself to me and it just sounded awesome and who doesn’t want to be in Florida and Orlando and it was just a really, really awesome director, and like I said, I was able to hire my family, my little brother. So that just made it all worth even more work, getting in the kangaroo suit. So I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it!'”

See How Mitchel Musso Got Into Costume for His New Movie ‘CHARACTERz’ – Twist Magazine

“The cool thing [was] that I got to shoot it with my little brother. It was awesome being able to work with him because I haven’t worked with Marc [since] we did Secondhand Lions together, [and] he worked with me on Monster House. I think that that was the last time,” Mitchel explains. “Also, I have a good friend, Miles [D], who I’ve known for a very long time who was also a part of the film.”

“I had a lot of reign with who was the cast of characters and really a lot of direction with my character, as well as Jon Binkowski, who is the director, trying to go back and forth with him on how to make this as funny and entertaining as possible for you guys, for the fans,” Mitchel adds about the creative process. “I think that that’s what was so cool about this film. The last two films that I shot, one was a horror film, which was great, it was called The Sand. So, one was a very dramatic film, and that was called Sins of Our Youth. So to go from those two movies to just, like, improvised comedy where we’re at theme parks the whole time with my little brother and friend and this awesome cast and this awesome crew.”

“Everybody, when they think of me, they think of Oliver Oken from Hannah Montana or they think of Brady from Pair of Kings. You know, they think, you know, your best friend that’s the boy who’s kind of kooky and quirky, and that’s really how I was brought up for so many years,” Mitchel shares. “So it’s nice to go back and kind of touch on those roots and joke around and have fun.”

“Oh, my God! That thing was like a thousand degrees!” Mitchel laughs. “You know, [we filmed in] Florida. It’s already boiling hot, it’s humid, it’s summer, I’m in this 50-pound kangaroo suit. I am just like dying, you know. So that alone is probably pretty funny. It was hot, it was tough to walk around in, it’s got a giant tail, the feet are huge, you’re tripping over yourself, you’re trying to run and you’re trying to work with this costume and it’s a lot. But I’m sure it’s hilarious. To me, it’s funny, so I’m sure it’s hilarious. It’s just ridiculous.”


Mitchel Musso Experiences the Rough Side of Theme Park Life in ‘CHARACTERz’ – J-14 Magazine

“I’ve been working since I was a baby, so it is nice that I have so much experience. I’m like a seasoned actor, I’ve been around and I’ve done a lot of different things from Steven Spielberg movies to Disney Channel hit shows to indies. I’ve been able to do really everything and I’m so thankful for that,” he told us.

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Behind The Lens Interview TOMORROW

This is just a quick reminder that our boy Mitchel will be LIVE on the ‘Behind the Lens’ Radio Show talking about ‘Characterz tomorrow (Monday, July 11th) He will be on at 11 am PST so tune in to hear all the details about the fun furry Movie Mitchel worked on in January 2015 as not only the lead actor but also the Creative Director.

Twitter:  @BTLRadioShow and @AdrenalineRadio.

To listen live visit and choose Live Programming

As soon as the Episode hits Itunes we will post it on the site in case you missed it.

behind the lens

Mitchel will also do an Interview with Starrymag tomorrow. We will keep you posted!

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Mike’s Film Talk : Characterz (Review)

Just a few days before it’s USA premiere on July 12th ‘Characterz’ got it’s first full on review from ‘Mike’s Film Talk’ putting the film into a really positive light. Jamie Steinberg from Starrymag will also be doing an Interview with Mitchel next week on ‘Characterz’ so if you have any Questions send them to @NotYerAvgChick (Jamie Steinberg) on Twitter.

You can find the link to his Review below.

Characterz (2016): Old Time Fuzzy Fun (Review)

[….] There is a lot of love in this film for the amusement industry and it shows in the characters, the dialogue and he storyline […]

[..] The characters have been drawn so well that the audience fall in love with them all, even the villain.  While watching the film  do not be surprised to find yourself grinning throughout. [..]

[…] The plot has a satisfying twist to it […]

[…] At 102 minutes the film is long, but never feels that way.[…] The characters and storyline  are interesting enough to keep the viewer watching […]

[…] Characterz is a solid 4 star film for the family.  It is cute, quirky fun and well worth watching […] this movie will make you smile.


–  Mike’s Film Talk

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MarVista Entertainment set to release ‘Characterz’ on July 12

Not just Mitchel’s Birthday is coming up next month but also the eagerly-awaited USA Release of ‘Characterz’ is not even two weeks away! MarVista Entertainment (domestic distributor) is set to release the Movie on July 12 on Digital HD & On Demand and we sure can’t wait. You can Pre-Order it on Itunes here.

Long hours, lousy pay, no respect.

In an effort to earn money for college tuition in the fall to pursue animation, Tucker gets a job as one of the Old Time Fun Town mascots—Hoppy the Kangaroo. As he discovers how wildly dysfunctional the theme park is behind the scenes, he soon becomes good friends with the other mascots. With long hours, lousy pay, and annoying kids wanting their picture, this job will become an experience Tucker will never forget.

Cast: Mitchel Musso, Walt Willey, Miles D, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Michael Winslow

Available on Digital HD & On Demand July 12, 2016


About MarVista Entertainment:
MarVista Entertainment is an independent entertainment studio with a mission to produce, acquire, and distribute premium film and television programming worldwide.

Connect with MarVista:
Like us on Facebook:
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MultiVisionaire Pictures Set to Release ‘CHARCATERz’

It’s almost here! Mitchel’s Movie ‘CHARCATERz’ is Set to Release via the international distributor Multivisionnaire this summer. Congratulations to the whole CHARACTERz Team. Very exciting!! More news regarding this and the domestic distribution coming soon.

Distributing more than 100 hand-selected feature films worldwide, MultiVisionnaire maintains market offices in all high profile film and television markets such as Cannes, EFM, AFM, Filmart, MIPTV, MIPCOM, Toronto and Ventana Sur. MultiVisionnaire has outstanding reputation and relationships with distributors, studios and broadcasters worldwide.

Take a look at the AMAZING Cover Art!

‘CharacterZ’ –U.S.A. / 2016 / 103 mins.


SYNOPSIS: Tucker Ostrowski just got a summer job at “Old Time Fun Town” Amusement Park as the mascot, Hoppy the Kangaroo. He is a smart teenage who is trying to save enough money to go to college. His “Kangaroo Krew” consists of Captain Jack’s-Parrot, worn by his new best friend JERRY; Bowzer the Bulldog worn by a lovely girl SAM; and Paws the Pink Polar Bear worn by the aptly nicknamed “Sweaty” STU. Things quickly get complicated as he falls in love with Sam, and, when the Kangaroo Krew is wrongfully accused of a costumed crime spree. Tucker’s future is in jeopardy unless he can figure out who has set up the CHARACTERz!



GENRE:  Comedy, Drama, Family


DIRECTOR: Jon Binkowski

WRITER: Jon Binkowski, Lisa Enos Smith

PRODUCER: Lisa Enos Smith, David P Bragg

CAST: Mitchel Musso (Hannah Montana), Walt Willey (All my Children), Michael Winslow (Police Academy, Spaceballs), Ken Osmond (Leave it to Beaver), Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), Ana Eligio, Marc Musso (Secondhand Lions, The Last Mimzy)

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CHARCTERz: Close to Distribution Deal

Good News for Mitchel’s Movie ‘Characterz’, which seems to be close to a distribution deal! Fingers crossed for the Cast and Crew!  For more connect with CHARACTERz on Facebook and Twitter as we are bound to hear more very soon followed by screening dates at festivals in the USA.



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Characterz: Private Charity Screening for the Area 3 Foundation

While Mitchel’s Movie ‘CHARACTERz’ is getting ready to slay the film festival circuit 2016, a Group of former and current characters from Disney saw it this Sunday as Part of a Private Charity Screening for the Area 3 Foundation. Here is what they had to say about it!

Laugh out loud funny and a truly touching coming of age story. Thank you all so much for the amazing work you’ve done. ‪#‎characterz‬‪#‎area3foundation‬ – Jody Glassman

Thank you so much for creating a film that so many of my lifelong friends and I can relate to!!! We really enjoyed the movie!!! We just left the event and it was amazing!!! The movie will NOT be shown in theaters BUT it will be available for download in the future! They will post it on […] – Ginger Lutz-Ross

I loved that it brought back so many memories of a wonderful time in my life! – Sandra N Wally Esco

Follow CHARACTERz on Facebook and Twitter for all kinds of fury fun.

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CHARACTERz: a charming independent film

Even though Mitchel’s Movie ‘CHARACTERz’ is not out yet a few lucky folks were able to attend a private screening of the film for Theme Park Industry Veterans on November 19th. Most of it is still top secret but people seem to enjoy it a lot.

a charming independent film about the ups and downs of being trapped in a fur suit while working in a theme park. […]
Orlando locals will recognize filming locations like Old Town and Gatorland, as well as many talented actors who work in and around the theme parks in Characterz. I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but I have been sworn to secrecy until the movie makes the rounds of film festivals […] –JOSH YOUNG

I got to see a “private screening” of this finished feature film. I loved it! Anyone that has ever worked in the amusement industry will absolutely relate and everyone else will be thoroughly amused. Congratulations to Renaisance Entertainment and the whole team involved in this film. Good Luck on the film festival circuit. See these “Characterz” whenever this film gets to your area. -Robbi Lepre

Follow CHARACTERz on Facebook and Twitter for all kinds of fury fun.

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